Style Note from Aditi,
when you have no time for new style experiment but you have to look classy and stylish then this style is for you. its really easy and suitable for any occasion may it be hangouts with friends, vacation on beach or college outfit.
black and white striped always famous and everyone loves it. at least everyone has this striped dress or top.
you can do many style experiments with this dress like you can wear cute flower hat and same striped handbag and you are good to go to the beach party.
Gold color jewelry is really a complimentary and gives you super classy look with stripes.
I pair this cute blue denim shirt as a jacket with super awesome and comfy dress and it really enhanced my overall look. it goes with every body type. plus point of black and white striped dress.
I tried to keep this style in minimal details so I didn’t add any heavy and hard to carry things like the scarf, hat, handbag with lots of stuff in it.
and at last my favorite thing, Footwear 😍 I wore this super cute white sneakers with rainbow-colored lace on it. isn’t it beautiful?
you can wear any type of footwear with this outfit and it will definitely match. no doubt!
you can also suggest some awesome style tips in the comment section below. they are always welcome.

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