Style Note From Niyati,
Hi fashion geeks,
we all have out dated clothes which we avoid to wear just because it’s not in fashion instead of throwing them I tried to do some fashion experiments with it.
A shrug is a thing which can be converted from any clothes like dupatta, old top, shirt.
So today I bought a hell of modish style and at the same time, I tried to keep it simple. I had one old beautiful olive colored shirt which I wore as a shrug on a black spaghetti and black denim shorts. its super effortless and fashionable look. isn’t it super sexy 😉…
This style useful in summer as well as in winter…long sleeves and long shrug can protect your skin from sunlight. so you can try this style in any season.
I wanted simple style so I avoided it more colorful and kept it in just two and olive. that’s why I wore black colored high heel leather boots.
I completely avoided jewelry and other accessories. if you like it you can add it according to your taste I am sure it will definitely enhance the look.
I will come again with super awesome styles soon. miss you guys 😘

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